Our Identity - Sendas | Escuela Montessori en Aracena, Huelva
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Our Identity


Our Mission

We chose Sendas to be a non-profit rural school located in the Sierra de Aracena to live and be close to nature. We choose the philosophy and methodology founded by Maria Montessori where we promote serene, safe, respectful and conscious environments.
We offer a prepared space and a relationship system in which children can develop their potential and gifts at a cognitive, motor, relational and spiritual level, facilitating the connection with themselves and with the natural and human environment.
At Sendas we accompany the children to strengthen their self-esteem, educate for coexistence and provide spaces for the entire community to continue growing.

Our Vision

Knowing that childhood is the future, our vision is a sustainable educational community that contributes to the formation of upright, happy, curious human beings, capable of living together, building and contributing to society. People who, having grown in connection with themselves and their environment, will be able to adapt to changing realities and integrate into the world with harmony, respect and responsibility. Satisfied men and women who honour life.

Our Values

Values are those abstract ideas that mobilise our actions, in these three symbols, loaded with process, the values of Sendas are embodied:

The Bird

It is movement like a child; it is expansion, freedom, serenity, adaptation, beauty, joy, music, nature, freshness, play, connection, harmony, flight; each looking for their own path..
In Sendas, movement and nature are the essence.
Thanks to movement, in the interaction of the body with the environment, human beings build will, consciousness, intelligence and independence, which in turn will make security and confidence flourish. We are movement.
With nature we have a relationship of admiration and gratitude.
“A bird perched on a branch is never afraid that the branch will break. His confidence is not in the branch but in his own wings”.

Development materials in the prepared environment

A Montessori classroom creates a harmonious and peaceful space in which each material is an opportunity for action that arrives on time.
The key to any of them is not in itself, but in the hands that manipulate it and in the self-construction of the being that thinks it. It is the use of our hands that made us human and here, through natural, breakable (yes) and beautiful materials, hands take the leading role.
The materials are curriculum, they are experiences. Always accessible, tidy and tailored to the child’s size. They are the maximum expression of the saying “you learn to do by doing”, and enjoying it.


In Sendas it smells of freshly made bread kneaded by the hands of our children with sourdough starter that they care for, whole wheat flour and organic oils. It is the base of our morning snack that is completed with fresh fruit and nuts.
It smells like a healthy and conscious gesture of relationship with food and the environment.
It smells like experiencing complete processes. It smells of care and love for the land.
Our bread smells of health, respect for rhythms and nature.
It smells of perseverance, joy, beauty, culture, patience, cooperation, history, autonomy, contribution, satisfaction, awareness, belonging…

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